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The first two museums are at the top of Syracuse, the other museums are in Ortigia, to visit on foot if you stay Hotel Posta.

Regional Archaeological Museum “Paolo Orsi”

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Siracusa can be considered one of the most important and prestigious museum in Europe for the quality and quantity of finds content. Established by royal decree in 1878, first as a “Museum of the Seminary” and later on as “National Archaeological Museum of Siracusa”, is now located at the new premises of Villa Landolina and named after the great archaeologist Paolo Orsi, who was its director for more than thirty years, and to whom we owe important discoveries and findings. The building is surrounded by a huge green park of archaeological and historical interest for the presence, for example, of the tomb of the German poet Augusto von Platen. The structure, daisy-shaped, is composed of three areas arranged around a central body and is divided into three floors: the basement designed to Auditorium, where you can attend the screening of documentaries preparatory to the visit, and the two upper floors to exhibition spaces. The museum exhibition is divided into four sections A, B, C and D.

VISIT AND BOX OFFICE TIME (Tel: 0931. 464022):

Ticket office hours: 09.00 – 18.00
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 18.00, Sunday and public holidays 9.00 -13.00

Numismatic room Timing: from Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 a.m. – 01.30 p.m. with last entrance at 01.00 p.m.,

Wednesday 9.30 a.m. – 05.30 p.m. with last entrance at 05.00 p.m.. The visit of the coin room can be done every 30 minutes for groups of maximum 20 people. Ticket office closes one hour before the end of the visit.

The Museum is closed on Mondays.

Tecnoparco Archimede

The  Archimede Park was born from the passion and the research of culture, history, architecture, engineering of the scientist Archimede of Siracusa. The architect Vittorio Cinzia, director of the Park, and his father Professor  Antonio Vittorio, founder and director ofTechnopark Archimede, managed to create a jewel for all visitors of thebeautiful city of Siracusa: in fact inside the Technopark Archimedes is possible to see the inventions of Archimedes and true war machines running on a 1:1 scale. The tours will be interesting and you will soon find passion and culture in the beautiful site near the Archaeological Park, near the Greek Theatre, just by walking along the same itinerary. In addition, the Technopark has a green space where you can create presentations for meetings and conventions of books or cultural events, art exhibitions or enjoy reading.

VISIT AND BOX OFFICE TIME (Tel: 0931. 758807):

Opening: all year under appointment.
From March to October 9:30 a.m. to 06.30 p.m.
Entire € 6,00
Reduction for students, family groups of at least 3 persons, groups of 10 people € 4.00
Free for children under 5 years of age, older people who have turned 75 years old and the disabled.
1 free ticket for every 10 students per school.

Regional Museum “Palazzo Bellomo”

The Palazzo Bellomo Museum was built in 1940 as a review of the collection from the medieval and modern complex prehistoric and classic “National Archaeological Museum.” The centerpiece of this collection consists of works of art from churches and monasteries, of Siracusa and other locations in the eastern Sicily.  and gradually the collection has been enriched by antiquities and works from purchases, donations, private collections and monuments. The tour begins from the ground floor, divided into four rooms, where there is the oldest wing of the building, dating back to Frederick with large quadrangular rooms, covered by vaults. Beyond the courtyard Catalan, close to the scale, there is the Courtyard Palm (XVIII century), along the walls of which are collected coats Syracusans marble, both civil and religious, of different origins, including the large coat of arms with the insignia town depicting the castle and monumental Spanish viceregal arms (originally the Royal Gate and the Gate of Ligne). Going up the beautiful staircase Catalan and covered loggia, leads to the first floor, which is divided into 16 rooms, numbered from 5 to 20. The museum is designed according to a sorting criterion strictly chronological. The show takes place on two levels.

VISIT AND BOX OFFICE TIME (Tel: 0931. 69511):

Timing: the closing is half an hour before the end of the visit
Openings: from Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 a.m. – 07.00 p.m., Sundays 9.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.

The Gallery is closed on Mondays

Papiro Museum

The Museum of Papyrus, created and managed by the International Institute of Papyrus, deals with the study, preservation and dissemination of the culture of evidence “papyrus.” The Papyrus Museum is not just a museum exhibition but it’s also a museum for spreading activities of teaching and researching whose results provided a concrete contribution to the solution of many questions ranging from the origin of the preservation of papyrus scrolls of the River Cyane and Arethusa source, the enhancement of the historical traditions related to the studies on ancient papyrus manufacturing techniques and the restoration of papyrus documents.
The museum is the project promoter Conservative Restoration of the Papyri in Egypt, directed by Corrado Basile, under which they carried out various activities: missions restoration of papyri in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Museum greek-roman of Alexandria, twinning with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the creation of the Laboratory of Conservative Restoration of the Papyri in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, courses of restoration of papyri.

VISIT AND BOX OFFICE TIME (Tel: 0931.22100 – 0931.61616):

Box office timing: last entrance at 01.00 p.m.
Opening: everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Free entrance
The Museum is closed on Mondays

Puppets theatre and puppets museum

The tradition of the Opera dei Pupi, that began in the nineteenth century, is still maintained in Syracuse thanks to the families Vaccaro-Mauceri, who run the small lovely theatre and the nearby museum and laboratory, where fully hand made puppets are designed, built and richly decorated. In the puppet theatre, in Sicilian language “Opra dei Pupi”, are mainly represented the the stories of the “knights, arms and loves” from Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso”, those from Torquato Tasso’s “Gerusalemme Liberata”, and from the “Chanson de Roland”.

Each puppet represents a character, Orlando and Rinaldo the most famous, and the Sicilian public was accustomed to support the one or the other. Today in the small, delightful theatre located in Via della Giudecca, this ancient tradition is renewed, with a calendar of almost daily shows in summer and holidays and during the weekends in winter. The plays are created by the same authors on the basis of the traditional scenario. The same family runs both the nearby laboratory, that can be visited upon appointment, where the puppets are built and decorated with the same procedures and slow rhythms of the past, and the Puppet Museum (Museo dei Pupi) in nearby Piazza San Giuseppe, where puppets, scenes, tools, and all materials related to this ancient tradition are displayed.

Theatre (Visit web site):
Address: Via della Giudecca 17

Laboratory opening hours (upon appointment, ask at the theatre)
morning 10:00 to 13:00
4:00 p.m. to 20:00 pm

Address: Piazza San Giuseppe 33
opening hours:
March, April, May, October, December 11:00 to 13:00 and 16.00-18.00
June July and August 10:30 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 18:30
November, January and February closed

Museum of the sea

Located in the heart of the charming island of Ortigia, the Sea Museum of Syracuse holds a vast repertoire of equipment, models and documents that reconstruct the rich memory and the vast maritime tradition of the city.The Sirmuma is the first and only museum in Sicily and around the southern Mediterranean where it was rebuilt the entire chain of shipbuilding, from the design and initial design to the final realization of the boats. The Museum tells the ancient history of Syracuse and what the sea has represented for it: landscape, memory, craft, culture and tradition.


Tel: 320.3476297 – 347.0793896


Monday and Friday from 05:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All other days Sirmuma is visited by appointment



Cinema Museum

The only one of its kind in the South of Italy. Founded in 1995, thanks to the untiring work of Professor Remo Romeo, silver medal of the President of the Republic as worthy of culture and art. The museum is housed in the eighteenth century palace Corpaci and is spread over three floors, an area of ??2000 square meters. In that space, which its creator describes as “a great place to pack the memory of the great man’s journey to the places of the imagination”, there is the material that covers the entire history of cinema in all its forms and representations, artistic and technical: cinematographic apparatus, equipment, memorabilia, movie posters and films, books and magazines.

VISIT AND BOX OFFICE (Tel: 0931. 65024):

Ticket office timing: every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or Mondays at 07.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m.
Visiting hours: by appointment with telephone


Entire € 3,00
There is a special reduction for schools